Supporting. Optimising. Securing. Support has more than one meaning to us. We want to help you secure and expand your success in the long run using the right strategies. For us, this includes further developing existing strategies, continuously improving data quality in your company, training, performance checks and more.

And we do not just provide this for our existing customers. By means of support contracts also those customers can benefit from the offer which FWI has not previously implemented any solutions for.


FWI Stöger Arno Head Of Customer Service

Arno Stöger
Head of Customer Service
+43 50 551 0
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Further information:

Support Snapshot: MONDI
Overview about the solutions and services for MONDI.

Our Support Services on three Levels:

1. Application Level:

The many years of experience with technologies and applications.

2. Process Level:

The knowledge of your business cases and business processes as prerequisite for our solutions.

3. Communication Level:

From reactive support to targeted consulting and service delivery management with personal assistance.