After implementing a solution, it is important to keep an eye on it and to react before a problem even occurs, or if this is not possible, immediately when recognising a problem since each idle state of a business application requires time and expenses. However, it is not necessary and not possible to provide all these resources in-house. Based on the right service strategies and support models, we support you in securing and expanding your success in the long run.

Operations Support provides your business application with an “all-round carefree package” going beyond standard support. It includes trainings, maintenance, data evaluations and much more. If you have any questions in this matter, please send an email to our support team (contact details at the end of the page).


FWI Stöger Arno Head Of Customer Service

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Head of Customer Service
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Operations Support Range of Services


  • Training to become an IT support specialist specifically for the implemented business application at your premises
  • Regular jour fixes between your company and FWI to verify the set parameters

Expanding existing support contracts:

  • Premium support: Hourly updates by phone if required
  • Immediate processing of support tickets by a team who knows your application


Pro active customer care:

  • Checking server and service availability and existing disc space
  • SQL queries to identify discrepancies
  • Monitoring performance counters (e.g. processor and RAM utilisation)



  • Information regarding necessary/important updates of your business software
  • Semi-annual performance analysis of your server landscape
  • Quarterly checks of SQL indexes


Data evaluations:

  • On demand: Data is retrieved by FWI employees and/or directly by employees of the customer.
    This includes among others but is not limited to:
    – processing tickets
    – making performance analyses
    – evaluating the usage behaviour
  • Automated notifications: A two-months start-up phase defines threshold values regarding loading times, error rates and server performance which trigger alert mails to be sent automatically. Additionally, Application Insights analyses – irrespective of defined threshold values – the collected data and also sends alert mails in case of striking deviations from the average values of the previous days.

Operations Support Implementation

Brief implementation. Great effect.

Implementation takes place by importing FWI’s “Proactive Customer Care” solution and adapting the server code. This is followed by a two-months start-up phase which collects a foundation of data to decide the type and size of the Application Insights entity and the definition of alert threshold values. The Application Insights entity is provided within FWI’s Azure Cloud.