Consulting. Implementation. Support. We provide you with our know-how of the technologies and solutions from our portfolio in order to consult and assist you in the best-possible way. Our expertise in the technologies preferred by us forms the basis of our services in ERPCRMSharePointcollaborationdata quality, as well as interfaces/middleware.


Lukas Schmid
Head of Project Management
+43 50 551 0
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Our Service at a Glance:

We support you from the start.

We know that the cooperation with new partners always represents a major credit of trust. We want to meet and understand you in order to live up to this expectation. We want to know who you are, what you need, and where you want to go. Talking and close contact are the only ways to find what we want: The ideal solution for you and the success of your company.


Implementing. Integrating. Achieving.

We understand very well that introducing new solutions must not interfere with everyday business. The opposite is true. The faster and smoother software can be integrated in existing technical structures and processes, the sooner they will prove the desired advantage to you.


Customer care even after the implementation. All this running around you.

Support has more than one meaning to us. We want to help you secure and expand your success in the long run using the right strategies. For us, this includes further developing existing strategies, continuously improving data quality in your company, training, performance checks and more.


The "all-round carefree package" after implementation.

After implementing a solution, it is important to keep an eye on it and to react before a problem even occurs, or if this is not possible, immediately when recognising a problem since each idle state of a business application requires time and expenses. However, it is not necessary and not possible to provide all these resources in-house. Based on the right service strategies and support models, we support you in securing and expanding your success in the long run.