ERP Programm: Business process profitably

An ERP program supports all of your company’s business processes and accesses a central database. A consistent database allows planning and organising business processes across different plants, divisions, departments and hierarchy levels. An ERP system coordinates your company’s existing business processes and consistently maps them in one single system.

ERP projects are complex and more often than not affect the day-to-day business of an entire company. Here, the balancing act must be managed, on the one hand, to comply with legal requirements and, on the other hand, to map the individual business processes in such a way that competitive advantages remain in place. Ideally, a successful ERP implementation creates all new perspectives.

5 Reasons for an ERP system:

One system for one company

All data within the ERP system are integrated thus allowing standardisation of the business processes and a state of knowledge which is consistent throughout the company. You can keep track of business figures, regardless of whether you consider data from the past or target figures for the future. Business management and IT department are excited about this: isolated applications and interfaces are a thing of the past.

Focus on core business

The use of ERP software allows your employees to focus on the important jobs within the company–the ERP system facilitates and standardises all supporting tasks. This creates competitive advantages and saves time to develop innovative ideas securing future business.


The centralised business software limits administrative tasks to one system. In particular cloud-based ERP solutions reduce the in-house workload. But not only the IT department benefits from that: Every department works in a system with standardised processes, leading to clearly defined workflows and hence eliminating duplication of work.

Security for the future

As opposed to home-made solutions, ERP systems by renowned producers such as Microsoft or Sage guarantee security. The security that your systems will always be state-of-the-art and comply with all legal requirements. There is no risk of the producer not further developing their systems or disappearing from the market.

Optimise and streamline processes

As part of ERP projects, business processes are analysed and, if necessary, optimised in advance. ERP systems observe a company's compliance regulations and the legal stipulations of the respective country. Rational and standardised processes facilitate collaboration in the company and save working time and costs.

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Industry solutions:

Print & Packaging
The industry solution based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 for the printing and packaging industry.

Reel Manufacturing
The industry solution based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 for reel manufacturers.

The industry solution based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 for waste management and recycling companies.

ERP Add-Ons:

Add-on: Scheduler
Support for detailed planning of production orders.

Add-on: Foundation
The most important functions for industrial enterprises in an add-on.

Decisions for Dynamics 365
This add-on transforms information from ERP into valuable business knowledge.

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