Data qualification is checking, correcting and enriching information on a data set. Many data must be qualified repeatedly in connection with a CRM system. To name but a few examples: addresses change, typos happen, wrong forms of address or titles are stored or a data set exists twice (duplicate). Additionally, email addresses become invalid when employees leave the company or enterprises close. Furthermore, hectic working days lead to not all the required fields of company or contact master data being filled.

Data qualification is a routine task which is performed as a sideline by back office or accounting staff. In many cases, company and contact data is only stored for reasons of invoicing or use in advertising campaigns without attaching importance on completeness or the development history.

However, considering the new European General Data Protection Regulation becoming effective in May 2018, it is these development data which are important. Considering the topics of data quality and data qualification thus pays off.

Reasons for data qualification:

Records of permission to contact (DOI)

If you obtain or purchase data from the internet, in theory, you do not have the right to contact these people electronically. With regard to GDPR 2018, the sanctions against such an approach are tightened. Histories to any contact prevent from penalties and provide information where the data comes from.

Intelligent data entry

Missing information, e.g. switchboard landline number of interesting companies, are enriched in a straightforward manner. Automated data completion and correction leads to only correct data being stored in the CRM system.

Automated data enrichment

Automated data enrichment (e.g. longitude and latitude, industry code, employee and company figures) when facilitates and improves entries significantly.

Cost transparency

Different costing models ensure transparency of the arising costs for data enrichment. Depending on the provider there are none or individual setup fees and recurring costs.

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Solution for data qualification:

Microsoft Dynamics CRM and our expansions for data qualification.

The standard MS Dynamics CRM and each of our CRM industry solutions can be expanded seamlessly with our partners’ solutions. Combined, the systems provide the following possibilities for data qualification:

  • Auto completion of address or phone data
  • Check for duplicates
  • Enrichment of data sets with details (e.g. turnover, number of employees,…)
  • Mapping of usage entitlements
  • Workflow for double opt-in queries

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