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Many companies do not achieve the desired sustainable performance increase in sales using classical CRM systems alone. Sales equals communication and communication has become more complex than ever today. In order to make the grade, you need talent and must understand the customer and their demands. Knowing that the right data are in the right place and in the right context is a necessity today–and should be a matter of course in the company. However, companies frequently lack tools to facilitate everyday sales.

Reasons for SalesUP:

Banking on the right sales opportunities

SalesUP supports the recognition of those sales opportunities which most probably lead to success. It does so based on KO criteria jointly defined throughout the company. Thanks to intuitive colouring, every sales employee gets a quick overview of their offers and can see which opportunities still have open questions. The calculation of the likelihood of closing a deal is effected through answering predefined questions which can be adapted individually to the company. This allows recognising if a deal is promising or not very early on in the sales process–if possible even before elaborately preparing an offer.

Expansion for traditional CRM systems

A well-maintained CRM system provides a virtually complete history of every customer, lead and contact. However, sales departments are grateful for any form of additional assistance in particular when preparing offers since you must set yourself apart from your competitors distinctly. SalesUP is integrated directly in the CRM solution and can thus be maintained quickly and easily. Also directly at the customer's or within 10 minutes at the end of your working day.

Consistent sales method throughout the company

Every salesperson has his very own style and individual sales tricks. This is a good thing. However, exact forecasts and detailed reporting can only be prepared based on consistent sales methods. Only if every member of the sales team uses the same questions for their assessments, can you say how sound a good or bad assessment of an opportunity is.

Graphically appealing sales reporting

Finally, SalesUP also maps sales reporting including pipeline management. The sales director sees the open questions regarding each respective phase of the sales process at a glance and can actively support his staff obtaining the respective answers from potential customers; without having to criticise missing information afterwards, since it is too late then anyway.

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Virtual sales coach. Seamlessly integrated in the CRM system.

SalesUP starts where CRM systems stop: The customised sales software acts as a virtual sales coach and guides salespersons, sales directors and management through the “ideal” sales process. SalesUP thus sets the course for a competitive advantage in sales right from the implementation. Today, modern CRM software must support sales to sell quicker and more easily – starting from the initial contact.

Visualising the sales process using the SalesUP software: View all sales opportunities, where in the sales process you currently are and how close you really are to the order at a glance. You will recognise your strengths, weaknesses and potentials in sales and know what to do to quickly acquire large – and good – orders.



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