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Many decisions arise from unofficial structures and interpersonal relationships. Salespersons regularly wonder “Who with whom?”. Whether you participate in the one or other political game or not–players are going to play. The question is whether you participate as a passive or an active player who knows how to use the circumstances for their benefit. The salesperson must include all decision makers in the sales process in a skilful and diplomatic way and provide each member of this group with the right sales arguments.

Reasons for Politics:

Addressing the right people

Every sales process where several people are involved includes official and unofficial structures and hierarchies. Politics identifies the persons and roles. There are no bad surprises right before closing a deal since you can keep an eye on people who have veto power, decision makers and other roles from the beginning.

Uncovering unofficial structures

Most buying centres have unofficial roles whose power should not be underestimated. While some employee might not have the authority to make decisions, they might have the expertise and trust of their boss so that he decides as advised by them. Politics uncovers these informal decision-making processes beyond the official organisation chart.

Documented for eternity

Once all political roles are stored in the CRM system, they are available there on a sustained basis. This way, co-workers contacting the company at a later time can find out who to contact without any problem. Accordingly, you can always keep track of how the company is set up regardless of whether considering subsidiaries or certain departments.

Ideal sales team for every customer

If you know the customer's buying centre, it is easy to provide those employees answering to the sensitivities of these people in the best-possible way. The best solution is to staff your sales team such that every employee from the buying centre has a counterpart from your organisation. For instance: If there is an IT director, you should have an IT expert in your team to answer his questions.

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Expand the CRM system. See through political games:

This will help you see through political games in the sales process: The Politics CRM add-on is seamlessly integrated in Dynamics 365 for Sales and supports the following sales activities:

  • identification of the buying centre
  • staffing of a powerful selling centre as a counterpart to the buying centre
  • finding the right sales arguments for the right people (roles, motives)
  • visualising interpersonal relationships and contacts in the company
  • recognising official and unofficial structures and hierarchies
  • considering decision-making structures in the sales process
  • permanent documentation of results in the CRM system


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