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The main tasks of a CRM marketing software are: finding new customers. Retaining loyal customers.

Measurability, sales orientation and customer focus are the decisive objectives for marketing departments. In other words: generating leads, realising measurable campaigns, integrating third-party applications and merging insights using campaign management software.

Our formula for marketing success

Dynamics 365 / CRM + seamlessly integrated Click Dimensions CRM add-on = marketing automation.

More power for your marketing:

Living marketing automation

Marketing automation with ClickDimensions seamlessly integrated in the CRM. Most of the marketing activities are directly performed in the CRM system: e-mailing, web tracking, nurturing, lead scoring, event management, social posting and, of course, the entire campaign management. No interfaces, no time and data loss.

Bye-bye shotgun approach

Each target group receives the marketing and sales information relevant for them; mass mailings with low response rates are a thing of the past. Based on the contact history in the CRM, you know exactly which content catches on best with a particular target group.

Make marketing activities measurable

Plan costs and resources for marketing activities centrally, export them via a tool and finally generate a complete cost-benefit analysis. Evaluate the record of results (e.g., number of attracted leads) per campaign, channel (marketing effectiveness) and target group.

Respect data protection

Data protection is a sensitive issue particularly in marketing. Mapping the entire contact history in the CRM provides information regarding when and how you acquired the contact and which contact points previously existed at any time. Double opt-in as well as unsubscriptions from marketing measures can be stored accountably. Duplicate checks prevent unintentionally contacting contacts who have already unsubscribed.

All in one or step by step

You do not need to start with complete marketing automation right away! It is best to get to know new marketing tools step by step. Many of our customers start with the e-mail marketing solution integrated in the CRM and then expand their portfolio gradually up to the cream of the crop of campaign automation.

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Our partner for your marketing success:

ClickDimensions is a marketing automation tool integrated seamlessly into Dynamics 365. The solution includes, inter alia, E-mail marketing, web tracking, event management, social postings, creation of landing pages, surveys and forms, and complete campaign automation.

The marketing solution for all cases - ClickDimensions:

All marketing activities directly in the CRM.

  • Integration in Dynamics 365
  • E-mail marketing, web tracking, nurturing, lead scoring, event management, social postings, creation of landing pages, surveys and forms
  • Complete campaign automation, if desired
  • Runs on the Microsoft Azure Cloud in Europe Complies with European data protection regulations
  • All marketing activities are stored in the CRM and are permanently accountable
  • Billing per dispatched mail, irrespective of the number of users

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Daniela Hinterleitner
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