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Sales means communication – and far more than supply and demand. In order to get into contact and keep in touch with interested parties, customers and especially their decision makers, communication needs to be supported by a system. To achieve this, you need a strong application on the one side and a set of sales intelligence on the other side.

Reasons for Dynamics 365 for Sales:

Strategic Sales

You want your sales team to adhere to a consistent strategic sales process?

Sales Planning

You want to be able to plan your sales and orders ahead of time without any bad surprises?

Assessment of Opportunities

You want to have your sales opportunities qualified by a realistic and consistent evaluation method?

Buying Centre & Sales Policies

You want to allow mapping of both the buying centre and decision hierarchies?


You want to allow your sales team to communicate via multiple channels in a target-oriented way?

Budgeting & Forecasting

You want to visualise sales, new orders and target achievement in a minimum of time?

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More about strategic sales:

CRM add-on: SalesUP
Valuation of sales opportunities and forecasting made easy.

CRM-Add-On: Politics
Finding political games at the buying center.

Increase sales impact:

Dynamics 365 for Sales and 2 add-ons:

Dynamics 365 for Sales

  • Lead management
  • Sales opportunity management
  • Contact management
  • Mobile access scenarios
  • and many more

CRM add-on SalesUP

  • Expanded sales funnel
  • Target group focus
  • Active opportunities management
  • Political organisation chart
  • Virtual sales coach

CRM add-on Politics

  • Illustration of networks in enterprises
  • Identify and visualize relevant relationships
  • Use relationships in sales

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