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Microsoft SharePoint provides a platform for the exchange of documents and information within the company, and with partners, customers and suppliers. This way, Microsoft SharePoint promotes collaboration and increases productivity. In addition, as an intranet portal, Microsoft SharePoint acts as the central point of contact for all employees when searching for information and maps and facilitates routine processes.

Reasons for Microsoft SharePoint:

Central information platform

The company provides all pieces of information and documents in Microsoft SharePoint which employees need for their daily work. Thanks to the centralisation, every employee accesses the most current version.

Collaboration made easy

A collaboration platform supports employees with collaborating and exchanging information. This saves a lot of time in everyday business. Additionally, Microsoft SharePoint protects and safely stores data.

Automation of processes

Microsoft SharePoint provides its own workflow engine mapping workflows and processes. On the one hand, this maps form-based processes, such as onboarding and offboarding of employees or travel expense accounting, and, on the other hand, document-based workflows, such as incoming invoices management or QM processes.

Intelligent search

Microsoft SharePoint searches company data and documents quickly and efficiently. The search does not just include file names or meta data but also document contents. A search beyond the cloud environment on the local server is also possible.

Knowledge remains in the company

Thanks to wikis and blogs, Microsoft SharePoint ensures that project knowledge is not lost, it can be accessed and used as basis for new orders at any time. Even if an employee leaves the company, their project knowledge is stored directly in the project portal.

Integrated business intelligence reporting

Microsoft SharePoint allows for the quick and easy creation of business intelligence dashboards. The data are mapped via Excel Services and Microsoft Power BI in SharePoint. Based on this, reports from different systems and data sources can be processed and displayed, and business decisions can be made more quickly.

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Other collaborative tools:

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MICROSOFT-SHAREPOINT for your everyday business:

Communication and collaboration. In one place.

  • Central access to applications, processes and information
  • Automation of internal processes
  • Central document management and joint processing of documents including revision control and assignment of permissions
  • Facilitated collaboration in teams and projects
  • Extensive search for information and documents in SharePoint and comprehensively in other systems
  • Mapping of knowledge management and facilitated transfer of know how
  • Collaboration with external people in customer and supplier portals
  • Mobile applications for data access via mobile phone and tablet PC
  • Integration of applications to provide a homogeneous user interface for end users

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