Collaboration becomes more and more important in companies. Exchange with co-workers and working in teams are highly significant and spur new ideas. People collaborate in teams across divisions, locations, companies and languages. Thanks to systems like Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365, smooth collaboration is no problem today.

Add-ons and Solutions by FWI

Project portal

Our project portal solution enables the management of projects in SharePoint and Office 365 and allows authorised employees to create own project pages without requiring support from the IT department.

Incoming invoices management

The digitalisation of incoming invoices management and mapping the underlying process in SharePoint ensures that invoices are paid on time and that the work load for employees processing invoices is as little as possible.

Ticket system

A simple ticket system, integrated in SharePoint, assists you in processing and organising internal service requests, e.g. for the IT department.

Quality management

Our QM portal supports mapping QM processes and maintaining relevant documents.

5 Reasons for a Collaboration Platform in the Company:

Central platform for the company

As central hub, SharePoint and Office 365 provide access to all of a company information, data and applications. Thanks to the integrated search function, employees quickly find the required work documents and relevant information in one place. A user interface provides access to all applications.

Improved collaboration in teams

Documents management including revision control and access rights facilitates collaboration in teams. Wikis store knowledge for future projects even if project members leave the company. Company-wide information (menus, announcements,...) are shared with all employees, company communication is continuous and timed, office grapevine is limited.

Mapping internal processes

Internal processes, such as onboarding and offboarding of employees, travel expense accounting or incoming invoices management, are mapped in SharePoint and Office 365 documents. Every employee always works with the most current version and always knows where documents are. Duplicated work is avoided and old versions can be restored at any time.

Working on documents together

The seamless integration of the collaboration platform in the Office environment allows employees to work on documents together and thus to prepare offers, presentations, documentation, logs, etc. more quickly. Every team member works with the most current version and there is no unnecessary emailing of documents.

Integrated search

By properly using the search functions of SharePoint and Office 365, you will not only find documents and information on the platform more quickly, but you will also have the option of integrating other systems and network drives in the search. Office 365 searches all data from all Office 365 applications without requiring additional configurations.

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