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Knowledge for decisions – from the cloud or on-premise. Microsoft Power BI helps users identify risks and recognise opportunities. It is the composition of applications and services allowing the user to link, associate, visualise and distribute data. Without extensive installation, without high investments in software and with a minimum of configuration effort. See an overview of the solution at the Microsoft website.

Reasons for Microsoft Power BI:

All data, anyplace, anytime.

Thanks to the new opportunities provided by the cloud, the number of mobile devices and the free Power BI mobile device apps, Power BI can provide data at anyplace and anytime.

Comparability of analyses

Selecting the right data, merging data in a specific place, choosing and applying a proper analysis methodology, and ultimately visualising the calculated analysis requires special know-how from the analyst and also a lot of time.

Decisions in real time

Sales and marketing directors and CEOs frequently assign the special evaluations to the IT departments. However, these very busy departments are often not able to provide these evaluations on an ad-hoc basis.

Mobile visualisation of the analyses is missing

Frequently, in-house developments can only be accessed stationary and cannot be used in meetings or discussions away from the workplace.

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Microsoft Power BI for SAP
The interest in Microsoft Power BI solutions at SAP using companies is massive.

SAP becomes more open, an integration with Power BI is no problem and successfully implemented for many customers.

Microsoft Power BI-Lösungen:

A platform for your data. On-premise or in the cloud.

Microsoft Power BI converts companies’ data into appealing visual representations. Power BI allows collecting and structuring data. The focus is on the topics most important for the company. This allows recognising trends early on and making relevant decisions. (source:

Individual dashboards can be provided for every department in the company. Microsoft provides a short overview for the departments on the product page:

  • Finances
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • HR
  • IT and
  • Operations

Cloud and on-premise: the two varieties of Power BI

The new Power BI is an online service which has been specifically developed for the cloud. It is equipped with an intuitive user interface and provides solutions for:

  • Datasets
  • Reports and
  • Dashboards.

The new Power BI also comprises the “Power BI Desktop” on-premise client which is optimised and integrated for collaborating with the cloud option. Microsoft Power BI Desktop scores with user-friendly modelling of analyses, drag and drop visualisation of data and modern presentations. Power BI for Office 365 features the familiar work environment of Microsoft Excel.

The Power BI app for Windows, iOS and Android allows the live, interactive and mobile display and analysis of data.

Solutions for enterprise applications

Enterprise applications may additionally require that data and data preparation are separated. MS Power BI provides two options for reasonable data access in large enterprises.

The client application visualises the data in both cases:

  • Power BI Personal Gateway: real-time synchronisation with on-premise data
  • Power BI Analysis Server Connector: enterprise data warehouse data

Finished connections for all that matters

The Microsoft Power BI website provides a summary of a multitude of tools and services already featuring a connection to MS Power BI. This includes anything from Excel sheets and local data sources to streaming data and cloud services. There are two types of connections:

Mere connectors
These are technological connections to collect data from the users’ databases. The user still has to assemble the data for the required analyses.

Business content connectors
These prepare the data for analysis in addition to collecting them. They only extract the required data from the databases and apply a defined analytical model to them. Power BI directly presents the results of the analyses.

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