A uniform, consistent knowledge base with all the pieces of information relevant for decision-making–analytically processed, easy to evaluate and available throughout the company. This is "Decisions for AX". Decision makers have exactly the piece of information they need when they need it.


Valid, timely evaluations. Without requiring a large project.

Untameable data flood from AX

Microsoft Dynamics AX provides a wealth of ERP data which, however, need to be evaluated and processed before being meaningful.

Waiting for evaluations from speciality departments

Obtaining the right data from the ERP system frequently requires the assistance of the IT department. Afterwards, the speciality department makes the evaluations.

No KPI calculation standard

Are always the same data fields obtained from the ERP to calculate the KPIs? And are the KPIs always calculated the same way?

BI projects = a bottomless pit

On the one hand, business intelligence is considered sensible for the company, on the other hand, people dread the staff and budget resources a project like this entails.


The good news: business intelligence does not always have to be complicated.

    We combine BI experience based on reliable Microsoft technologies with profound business and technical expertise in Microsoft Dynamics AX. The result: You get a technologically consistent and future-proof solution from one source and the security of long-term cooperation with a strong partner who understands your company and actively supports your strategic development.

      Decisions for AX stands for:

      • clearly defined specifications
      • robust platform with predefined functions
      • expandability, modular availability
      • short installation time
      • ability to calculate costs precisely
      • can be integrated seamlessly into Microsoft Dynamics AX 

        The following modules are available for Decisions for AX (also individually):

        • Finances (ledger)
        • Cost accounting
        • Debtors
        • Sales (turnover)
        • Orders
        • Warehouse
        • Procurement
        • Production
        • Projects


        Knowledge for decisions. Available anyplace and anytime. 

        Basis for decision-making

        Knowing instead of assuming: bases for decision-making in real time

        • added value through closed loop - collecting data, analysing data, and decision-making in one system
        • verified quick results thanks to analysis-oriented approach
        • recognising deviations in a targeted way and analysing causes easily
        • combining results across divisions
        • monitoring decisions
        • recognising errors - learning quickly

        Increased competitiveness

        Knowledge from the past for the present and the future

        • daily updated data for all relevant KPIs
        • recognising potentials for optimisation
        • recognising trends and development potentials
        • deriving recommended actions
        • measuring success

        Security with Minimum Investment: 3-Month Trial!

        Test Decisions for AX for three months with your actual data and be safe that your investment leads to the desired benefits! Please contact Mr. Alfred Grünert, Division Manager Business Intelligence. 


        3-Month Trial