Making the Right Decisions
Based on the Right Information.

Business intelligence literally means having knowledge about business matters. At the end of the day, business intelligence solutions must provide the knowledge for decisions.

FWI works with different products and partners to realise versatile customised BI projects also beyond the scope of Microsoft environments. Microsoft technology is becoming more and more interesting for enterprises using SAP as well. This concerns all aspects of business intelligence from master data managementCRMcollaboration in SharePoint to the internet of things.

5 Reasons for Business Intelligence:

Starting with simple solutions

Contrary to popular belief that business intelligence implementations always trigger huge projects, we recommend a modular setup. This improves internal acceptance with users and economic value. Users are trained along every implementation step thus "growing" with the system.

Relieving the burden on IT departments using BI applications

Dashboards provide defined key figures which are always calculated using the same method. This relieves the burden on IT departments. Also individual requests can be handled using the "Self Service BI" option and thus eliminate additional requests for IT support.

Transparency through quick and efficient analyses

In addition to a consistent calculation of key figures across several periods, BI solutions provide added value regarding topicality and are thus able to positively influence real-time decisions. Business decisions are derived from empirical values, future developments can be predicted more easily.

The required data is already available in most companies

Many companies already collect relevant data. However, mere collecting does not create knowledge facilitating decision-making in a business environment. Using finished BI products allows quick and uncomplicated analyses thus using these data reasonably. The data flood becomes the most important source of information.

Business intelligence more affordable than you might think

Already existing products allow companies to save project costs in the field of business intelligence, too, and to keep the investment small using solutions close to the standard. It makes sense to start with sub-projects and expand successively from there.

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further information about our products:

Microsoft Power BI
SAP companies are also increasingly choosing Microsoft BI.

Decisions for CRM
Decision-making support for sales and marketing.

Decisions for ERP
Reports and analyzes from the ERP system at the touch of a button.

With these products we deliver the necessary knowledge:

The Three BI Service Levels:

In our activities as business intelligence consultants, we have come to realise that business challenges can be divided into three categories: RUN the business, CHANGE the business and GROW the business.

The FWI Group has developed its service levels based on these three topics:

Strategy Support

  • Corporate BI Strategy
  • Global Master Data Process
  • Global Process Support

Operational Support

  • Enterprise Data Warehouse
  • Data Warehouse Re-Engineering
  • Monitoring, Analytics,
    Reporting & Dashboarding
  • Planning

Migration Support

  • Master Data Migration
  • Migration Data Warehouse
  • Migration Services

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