Mechanical and plant engineering is the backbone of the economy and stands for flexibility and innovation. This industry also has a leading edge in the field of ERP. However, increased pressure from Eastern Europe and China leads to the industry having to defend this cutting edge and keep its further development going. Cloud, internet of things and industry 4.0 should not intimidate the industry but drive top performance. The internet of things combined with ERP systems and business intelligence applications offers countless scenarios for process optimisation and helps the mechanical and plant engineering industry have the right clout.


All the information in one system

Your ERP system collects all the project details from CAD drawing to project documentation and service contract. Duplicates and unnecessary duplication of work are things of the past thanks to automated and structured processes.

Continuously updated actual situation

From the project start, all project costs, such as kilometre and time records, machine data and many more are constantly updated. Online recordings and release workflows reduce the administrative flood of paper and related processing times. The detailed documentation facilitates asserting additional claims.

Successful project management

Will the project be finished in time? Is everything going according to plan? What are the costs of the project and what can be invoiced? By comparing the planned and actual values, you can always see the stage of completion of the project. This way, the entire project team and business management can react in time if something gets out of control in the project.

Connected machines and plants

Machines and plants in live operation constantly send data that can be used for plans and forecasts. Collected operating data provide information about which spare parts must be exchanged timely. These measures avoid expensive downtimes of plants and their components. In case of an unpredictable failure and breakdown of a plant, a nearby service technician is informed immediately.


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Aside from the standard ERP processes, the ERP industry solution for mechanical and plant engineering supports the following fields:
  • order preparation with project structure plan, offer templates and margin control
  • drawing and parts list management with CAD online integration
  • product and revision control:  revisions, variants and releases
  • logistics/requirements overview across the entire project structure
  • mobile stock control
  • detailed planning with Microsoft project integration
  • planning of multiple clients and resources using drag & drop
  • staff work time logging and operating data logging for devices and machines


  • subcontractor management
  • current budget overview, cost monitoring and cash budget
  • increase of service quality through the establishment of service models
  • revision-safe document management for test certificates, documentations,…
  • recording of operating and consumption data and streaming in evaluation database
  • early detection of service operations based on analysed mass data

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