The manufacturing industry’s challenges are as varied as its products. Be it discrete parts manufacturing or process manufacturing, the fourth industrial revolution has arrived and leads to new ways of thinking in the industry. Every change always also offers new opportunities. Many industrial companies have already digitalised their key processes along the value chain. However, most companies will need to make high investments in their digital infrastructure in the upcoming years to remain competitive and completely satisfy customers.


Processing of cross-plant and cross-client business processes

ERP systems support manufacturing companies in the continuous improvement of their business processes. The software considers legal provisions and country- and industry-specific requirements. For instance, by preparing the EC Sales List and Intrastat automatically in case of cross-country production processes or by mapping stock transfers in duty free warehouses. The role and permissions assignment in the system manages access of employees from different countries to production processes.

Ideal reaction to utilisation fluctuations

A flexible software solution manages and monitors incoming orders, manufacturing processes, stock levels and delivery dates. Planning takes place ahead of time to avoid bottlenecks or idle running. The integrated lot size optimisation arranges ideal production flow with set up times as short as possible. Staff requirements are detected early and employees are scheduled depending on their qualification, also across the extended workbench.

Efficient value chain

The ERP system covers and supports the company's entire value chain. The order to cash process–from incoming order to production and payment–is standardised and automated where possible. Optimal planning of assembly lines provides ideal utilisation with increasing product diversity and avoids high investments for production expansions.

Fit for industry 4.0

Online machine data recording returns states, volumes, time types and process parameters of manufacturing orders to the ERP system. Order reference is established. On the one hand, this supports quick reactions when planning failures and downtimes. On the other hand, this guarantees consistent batch tracing up to the point of detecting process and material deficiencies which leads to a reduction of scrap rates. Additionally, the recording effort for staff is reduced since the data is recorded on site, without errors and only once. All in all, a basic requirement for industry 4.0.


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ERP industry solution for the manufacturing industry based on MS Dynamics AX.
  • product lifecycle and revision management
  • enhanced quality management across the entire value chain
  • automation with workflows and integrated case management
  • correct legal and fiscal mapping of cross-country manufacturing processes
  • intelligent tabular layout of product properties using tree structures (category hierarchies)
  • formula- and rule-based parts lists for the production of by-products and additional products
  • product generator for the rule-based creation of articles, variants, parts lists and work schedules
  • flexible overhead calculation for pre-calculation and post-calculation
  • production planning and flexible adjustment to fluctuations
  • FWI Scheduler, detailed planning using drag & drop, multi-resource planning (Gantt), simulation, energy management
  • individual document design with representation of CAD drawings and illustrations
  • mobile product commissioning and touchscreens
  • machine data recording, system control (MES, BDE, Shopfloor) and automated stock systems to supply the manufacturing department
  • maintenance: plants index, maintenance schedules and spare parts lists
  • tool management with performance control and activity management

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Erfolgsgeschichte Helopal
Markus Salzwimmer
IT Manager, Lottmann Fensterbänke GmbH.

We wanted a complete solution which joins all subsidiaries in a central system, meets our requirements and still leaves room for more growth.



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