The logistics industry has proclaimed an era of innovations. Using IT support, they pursue objectives such as: increasing service quality, optimising process efficiency in sales and service, and reducing complexity in communication and business processes.

IT is essential in logistics. Since the industry significantly depends on optimisation, IT is often seen as a pillar of the companies. “Make or buy” is a point of constant discussion since many systems are home-made and are most times created, maintained and further developed by large in-house IT departments.

Our solution based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM offers a safe and future-proof investment for the requirements of the industry. A system, which, based on a global standard, has incorporated the requirements of an entire industry and has been implementing them successfully for many years.


Recognising and utilising potentials

The productivity of users increases thanks to features tailored to the transport logistics industry. This way, all of a customer's trade lanes are recorded and divided into potentials. Potentials–even several potentials at the same time–can then be converted into offers and later into orders. Unfinished trade lanes can be returned to the customer and thus continue to be displayed as potential.

Complete overview of the customer

Microsoft Dynamics CRM, combined with the transport logistics industry expansion as CRM system, guarantees a 360° view of customers and partners, regardless of the location or department of the employee. The system includes all relevant data and thus makes it easier for the sales department to prepare appropriate offers. In case of complaints, customers receive quick and structured service in after sales.

Current price offers

The CRM records all the relevant pieces of information regarding a current price offer in a predefined form. The calculation is made in the respective calculation tool and displayed in the CRM. The employee can quickly and easily forward the current price offer to the customer via email. Follow-ups of the activity are no problem thanks to easy scheduling of a task for the responsible employee.


Big data, internet of things – the FWI Transport & Logistics industry solution has been designed close to the Microsoft standard and thus allows the easy integration of business intelligence applications. Predictive maintenance of vehicles, real-time evaluations (e.g. for ongoing quality control during transport) and much more is realised with that.


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CRM software based on MS Dynamics CRM. The standard tailored to the needs of the industry.

As a CRM provider for the transport & logistics industry, we offer the following solutions:
  • trade lane management,
  • ad-hoc offer placement,
  • hunting processes,
  • controlled sales processes, and
  • the smart integration of subcontractors and/or partner companies.
  • The solution also covers the following standard CRM processes:
  • 360° view of customers and potential customers
  • classification of customers based on turnover figures, sales opportunities and potentials
  • follow-ups of activities, e.g. turning an appointment directly into a potential or sales opportunity
  • (quick) recording and processing of customer potentials and current prices, divided by business and service
    – mapping of different regions and countries for recording potential trade lanes/routes in the system
    – recording various calculation conditions
    – specification of resubmission dates and proactive reminder through the system (e.g. via email or in the user dashboard)
    – further development of potentials into sales opportunities and offers
    – return of potentials which could not be won over into the customer-specific “potentials base”
    – automated order preparation and dispatch
  • strategic sales: from mapping current prices and various calculation conditions to visit preparation, customer potential analysis and sales reporting
  • marketing: from campaigns and lead management, to integration of newsletter and third-party systems to the consistent management of marketing campaigns and sales promotion
  • service: freight tracking and claims management with automated status messages
  • business intelligence using Decisions for CRM: from clear management cockpit to sales forecasting and KPI monitoring

Customers’ testimonials

FWI Kundenzitat Hapag Lloyd
Mathias Schäfer
Senior Director IT, Hapag-Lloyd.

We cut a 2-year project in such a way that we were able to realise it in two months and could even increase user acceptance despite that.



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