The requirements of the industry include anything from sales of new machinery and plants to fault and repair services and complex lifecycle management concepts. Our smart CRM software for machine and plant engineering leads to process optimisations and efficiency increases in nationally and internationally operating companies. Challenges, such as sales and service process optimisation, heterogeneity of business processes, and internationality, occur frequently in this industry.


Banking on the right deals

Marketing and sales provide a company with new customers, but this is not that easy in project business. Of course, salespersons can rely on their gut feeling when evaluating sales opportunities. However, the wrong gut feeling can cause a lot of damage especially in machine and plant engineering where sales cycles are very long and almost every project is an individual order. High costs of sales and expensive working hours due to complex calculations for order preparation arise–to put it in a nutshell: a lot of effort for a doubtful deal.

Service as a competitive edge

Every minute a customer's machine or plant is idle unintentionally represents a large financial loss and annoys the customer. Correct and immediate reactions to failures are vital and the be-all and end-all in after sales. But let us think one step ahead: it would be even better if spare parts were exchanged even before machine downtimes.

Comprehensive order preparation

Almost any machine or plant is an individual order. Order preparation including hours' calculation and first drafts consumes lots of time and money. Prices and quantities of the parts to be used must be compiled from the different software systems. Bundles from past projects facilitate work, but are often not sufficiently documented to be retrieved quickly and completely.

Service assignments around the globe

Service technicians are constantly on the move. Sometimes service assignments take place across continents and technicians spend hours on planes. Of course, they can take a deserved nap, but what if they want to prepare for their service assignment on the plane and want to consult the digital service act?


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CRM software for machine and plant engineering. The right companion from the offer to after sales.

Our CRM industry solution provides you with an overview of your customer data and supports you from lead generation to the service case:
  • objective sales opportunity assessment with the seamlessly integrated SalesUP CRM add-on
  • calculation of the likelihood of closing a deal takes place through answering specified questions which can be adapted individually to your own sales process
  • complete contact, product and service history of all customers at a glance
  • improved and quick order preparation: CRM access to current prices and existing bundles through integration into the ERP system
  • increased service quality: the service technician directly takes photos of broken machines/plants and their spare parts, correctly orders parts and stores this in the history
  • target group-specific communication with potential customers: marketing campaigns are tailored to potential customers and other data stored in the CRM
  • tracking and evaluation of all marketing activities: campaigns, website, email distribution


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FWI Erfolgsgeschichte BWT Aqua Berneker Dominik
Dominik Berneker
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Using Microsoft Dynamics CRM allows us to tap our technical possibilities and even gain more potential. dox42 provides us with uncountable design options while significantly facilitating the application.



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