The manufacturing trade does not have it easy–almost no product exists only once on the market. You must react quickly to new developments on the market while always keeping an eye on costs. Pressure is increasing significantly: on pricing policy, quality management and thus also sales, marketing and after sales. Sales, marketing and service processes must be optimised continuously to remain competitive. The complexity of organisational structures, the diversity of brands and products and the speed expected from manufacturers in everyday business require a streamlined organisation of company processes.


Controlled order management

Order realisation processes are stored completely in the CRM; the stored business processes allow checking at any time which process stage a company is currently in. The business management can decide quickly and on demand which order to prioritise (e.g. material order and invoicing).

Remaining competitive

Improved service quality, increased customer satisfaction and documented knowledge management are only some of the advantages of CRM helping companies remain competitive and even increase their competitiveness. Such benefits become the strongest means to enhance customer loyalty in an industry where distinguishing yourself based on a product is very hard.

Paving the way for industry 4.0

The CRM system as a cockpit for your digitalisation offensive! Many IT systems in a company can be visualised in the CRM. ERP and CRM data, and business intelligence evaluations can be displayed and graphically processed in CRM dashboards. This forms the basis for digitised processes while requiring only little investment since most companies have these systems anyway but consider them isolated so far.

Acceptance for innovative technologies

Microsoft Dynamics CRM connects state-of-the-art technology with familiar standards. Employees are familiar with the Microsoft user interface which increases the acceptance of the CRM system. Training is kept within reasonable limits. At the same time, your technology is always state-of-the-art and Microsoft is the reliable partner by your side.


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CRM software for the manufacturing trade.

Our CRM industry solution provides you with an overview of your customer data and supports you from lead generation to the service case:
  • management of all suppliers
  • history of all contacts connected with the company
  • objective sales opportunity assessment using the seamlessly integrated SalesUP add-on
  • documentation of product developments
  • standardised workflows for quicker and easier processing of service cases
  • target group-specific communication with potential customers: marketing campaigns are tailored to potential customers and other data stored in the CRM
  • tracking and evaluation of all marketing activities: campaigns, website, email distribution

Customers’ testimonials

FWI Kunde Synthesa
Alfred Palkoska
Authorised Officer/Head of IT, Synthesa Group.

In FWI we have found a partner helping us approaching processes in an unbureaucratic and cooperative way. The example of the offer process for field service shows that we made the perfect decision.



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