Financing, assessment, risk management, treasury, asset & fund management or factoring–we know the challenges of the industry. On the one hand, a CRM for banks and financial service providers must ensure that data are available in real time and, on the other hand, that data protection concepts are established which comply with legal provisions and the requirements of banks.


Comprehensible processes

Extension of credit and other standard processes in banks are mapped in one system, thus allowing decisions to be comprehended at any time and all documents are collected in one place. Of course, the four-eyes principle is accommodated.

Company-wide security concept

No matter how complex security requirements are - Microsoft Dynamics CRM maps them through roles and permissions. Bank clerks can access all of their customers' data they are allowed to see based on internal or external specifications and/or their role in the company.

Centralised database

All customer data is available in the system and can be accessed at the push of a button. This way, you can always keep track of your customers.

Recognising cross-selling potentials

Due to ongoing marketing campaigns, the system proposes the account manager products matching their customer's requirements based on evaluations of other customer data. This taps the cross-selling potential and increases turnover and customer loyalty.


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A CRM solution specifically for financial service providers and banks. Secure and future-oriented.

With our banking solution for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, we have developed a modular solution pursuing the following objectives:
  • 360° view of the customer including representation of the total liabilities
  • representation of group structures
  • representation of different financing variants
  • representation of the defined granting process, including adherence to release processes according to the four-eyes principle
  • representation of complex permission rules
  • possible connection of external partners (brokers, insurance providers, rating agencies, analysts,…)
  • representation of defined fraud prevention
  • potential representation per customer

Customers’ testimonials

FWI Kundenzitat Erste Group
Elisabeth Reiser-Eckelhart
Senior Solution Manager, s-IT Solutions AT Spardat GmbH.

The banking sector had changed and focused more and more on the customer. It was therefore also important to introduce a system focusing on the customer and hence both all customer-related processes and documents and the entire communication with our contacts.



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